Croatia Apartments for Rent

Croatia – is a European Mediterranean country which recently became independent after the War for Independence (1991-1995). It is a country of an unusual shape; it looks like a bird with stretched wings. The capital city is Zagreb and the language is Croatian. 90% of population constitutes Croatians (the majority of whom are Roman Catholics). Croatia’s coastline is 5835km long, 4057km of which belongs to islands, cliffs and reefs. There are 1185 islands in the Adriatic Sea and the largest is Krk. The country is divided into five main regions: Istria, Kvarner, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Central Croatia. The highest mountain is Dinara. Croatia is the fatherland of many famous artists, writers, inventors, composers such as Nikola Tesla who invented electricity, Ivan Lupis who invented a self-propelled torpedo, The most famous Croatian tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split, Poreč and Trogir are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hum, which holds the Guinness record for the smallest town in the world, with its 23 residents is located in Croatia.

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