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Splitska apartments Croatia – Splitska is a village and harbor on the northern coast of the central Dalmatian island of Brac, 8 km away from the main ferry port Supetar.

The resort Splitska was founded in the 13th century. When shortly afterwards gets destroyed by the Omis pirates in the 16th century it experienced a real boom.
According to legend, Splitska was founded by the Trojan hero Anthenor who with his army after a long journey galleon anchored in the bay of Split. After the fall of Troy, Anthenor was founded on the island of Brac the city, and today’s Skrip. Splitska served as a port for the transport of stone blocks from Škripskih quarries: Zastrazisce, Rasoha and Plate. These quarries are really for years supplied on the construction sites on land to build various stone buildings including the Palace of Diocletian in Split.

Today’s settlement was established around Kastelet family Brac dukes Cerinić which was built in the 16th century and from which he has remained just a big square tower at the southeast side of town. During the 18th century Splitska was a favorite resting place of the Venetian sailors. At the end of this century with the fall of Venice, Splitska was to solve the dominance of the nobility and along with other places of Brac came under Austrian rule. Splitska in the second half of the 20th century, gradually losing all important functions which ultimately leads to collapse of the quarry.

Unavoidable examples of cultural and historical heritage of Splitska include a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary was built on the foundations of an earlier church from 1228, the castle Cerinic from 1577 and Heracles relief in the quarry Rasohe.

Splitska is a quiet place where your peace is with around 200 permanent residents. In the village with a rich cultural and historical heritage we find all the infrastructure needed for high-quality, recreation and good entertainment.
Beautiful beaches framed by a thick pine forest, local traditional specialties and quality wine produced, served in traditional taverns and inns will make you want to stay forever in this unique place.

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