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Tar – Vabriga apartments Croatia – Tar is a village in the western part of Istria away from Porec 10 kilometers. Due to the proximity of Porec, Tar is a famous tourist destination and vacation. It is located above the confluence of the river Mirna in the sea, especially the developed fishing and tourism. It is located on a plateau beneath which extends Tar which houses a small fishing village and many seafood restaurants.

Near Tar is the Lanterna peninsula where people built a modern tourist resort with a diverse range of accommodation: apartments, hotels, rooms, campsites. Sports offer will complement any holiday, and there is tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball, horseback riding, surfing, sailing, fishing …

Tar is made up of three small towns: Tar, Frata and Vabriga. In the past, these were the three parishes; each with its own church and bell tower: Ss. Martin, St.. Michael and St. Anton. Locals of the area are traditionally performed by vineyards and olive trees, but are increasingly turning to tourism. Tar kept the charm of a true Istrian town with its people, tradition and beautiful sea.

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